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Friday, May 3, 2013

Coin & Currency Auction | Buy Gold, Silver, Numismatic Coins & Paper Money

Buy coins and currency in Manor's May 2nd Coin & Currency Auction. Collectors and investors can choose from more than 300 lots of U.S. and foreign coin and paper currency lots. The lots include a diverse offering Coin & Currency Auction | Buy Gold, Silver, Coins & CurrencyMay 2nd Coin & Currency Auction | 300 Lotsof gold, silver, platinum, certified coins, better date coins, key date coins, early U.S. gold, colonial currency notes, national currency notes, rare currency notes, large unsearched coin lots, U.S. proof sets, U.S. mint sets and U.S. commemoratives. This auction is a great opportunity to invest in precious metal, numismatic coins and collectible paper money.
Don't miss out - the coin and currency auction is open to everyone. Bidders may participate by telephone, Internet or absentee. Auction details and information may be found on the designated May 2nd Coin and Currency Auction page. The auction begins at 7pm Eastern on the evening of May 2nd. Manor recommends taking a moment to browse the available coin and currency lots, so that you are familiar with all of the items which may be of interest to you.
A sampling of specific lots, include:
41232: 1862 $1 LEGAL TENDER NOTE SERIAL NUMBER 1 RARE ! FR 1862_$1_Note_Serial_Number_1_Rare1862 $1 Note Serial Number 1 - Rare17A, Chittenden & Spinner, PMG VG10 An exceptionally rare and desirable note. This is serial number 1 of series 2. Low serial numbers are one of the cornerstones of paper money collecting. Number 1's are the Holy Grail of this subset. Give this note serious consideration as you might. $3000 - 5000
41189: 1988 CHINESE PALLADIUM 1OZ PANDA FOR NY 1988 1 Ounce .999 Palladium Chinese Panda Mintage 1000, in Shenyang Mint wooden box. $2500 - 3500
41242: 1901 $10 LEGAL TENDER "BISON NOTE" One of the most popular notes in the US currency series. This outstanding example has bright vibrant color and is virtually as new. The paper is crisp and fresh. There are 2 very slight folds that are difficult to detect. Almost Uncirculated. $1500 - 2500
$10000 Gold Certificate$10,000 Gold Certificate41249: 1900 $10,000 GOLD CERTIFICATE FINE Signed by Teehee, Burke. These notes were all redeemed by the Government and are only available because a fire at a Post Office warehouse in 1935. This piece is unusual in that it was redeemed for the Bank of Montreal. Also, there is no perforated cancel. Fine. $850 - 1500
41082: ORIGINAL ROLL OF 1884-O MORGAN DOLLARS A great find. This original uncirculated roll (20) of 1884 New Orleans mint dollars. Uncirculated. $800 - 1200
41024: 1987 UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION FOUR COIN SET 1987 United States Constitution Four Coin Set $1 and $5. Set in a fine Mahogany Wood Box with government paperwork. Proof. $800 - 900
Coin & Currency Auction Details:
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